We know that managing your company’s finances & accounting can be overwhelming and our team of experts is ready to help you take care of the administrative strain and assist you so you can focus on your business.

An accountant is vital for businesses as they ensure financial accuracy, and compliance with tax laws, and provide valuable financial insights. Accountants aid in strategic planning, cost management, risk mitigation, and support business growth. Their expertise saves time and ensures legal compliance, contributing to the overall financial health and success of the business.

Monthly management accounting

PW Harvey & Co provides monthly management accounting services, offering businesses up-to-date financial data and expert advice. We help you make informed decisions, set financial goals, and strategise for growth, customising our services to meet your unique needs and objectives.

VAT submissions

PW Harvey & Co assists with VAT submissions by meticulously calculating the Output VAT owed and the Input VAT that can be reclaimed. We provide a clear breakdown of these figures, ensuring you know exactly how much is due for payment or refund for the specified period. Our services simplify the VAT process, ensuring compliance and financial clarity for your business

Annual financial statements

PW Harvey & Co aids in preparing annual financial statements, a critical publication for shareholders, creditors, and regulatory bodies. These statements encompass an income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and footnotes. We ensure accuracy and compliance in these reports, providing a comprehensive financial overview of your company’s performance at year-end.

Registration of Individuals,
companies and trusts

PW Harvey & Co streamlines CIPC registration for companies, registration of trusts at the Master, and assists with the registration of individuals for income tax. We handle the paperwork and compliance, making the process quick and easy, so you can focus on your business or assets.


PW Harvey & Co simplifies payroll for businesses by managing the calculation and distribution of employee compensation. We ensure accurate and timely payments, reducing the administrative burden and helping you stay compliant with payroll regulations. Focus on your core activities while we handle your payroll needs.

Payroll (IRP5’s)

PW Harvey & Co assists clients by preparing and providing accurate employee tax certificates at the end of the tax year. These certificates detail all employer/employee-related income, deductions, and related taxes. This crucial document empowers employees to easily complete their income tax returns with confidence and accuracy, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

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