Our level of personal growth & service, for over 120 years,
has made our business unique in today’s fast-paced world.

We offer the following bespoke services:

• Valuation of your private art or antique collect

• Booking and payment of local and overseas travel arrangements

• Payment and collection of motor vehicle and animal licences

• Managing foreign pensions

• Administration and management of client’s carers

• Seeing to property transfers eg. guarantees, etc.

• Submission and processing client’s medical aid claims

• Obtaining quotes and assistance with client’s insurance claims

• Monthly allowances provided to clients who live in retirement homes

• Security box facility

• Storage of client’s permanent documents eg. Title Deeds, etc.

• Prepare documentation for retirement home applications

• Packing up and relocation of clients to new homes, cities and countries

• Immigration administration and advice

• Payment of all client accounts (electricity, phone, etc.)

• Administration of purchasing and registration of motor vehicles for clients

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