Bespoke Services

PW Harvey & Co is committed to consistently providing additional services beyond our standard offerings, ensuring that our clients' needs are comprehensively addressed under one roof.

Bespoke services are services that exceed standard expectations from clients, guaranteeing they receive something tailored specifically to them and their unique needs.


PW Harvey & Co offers clients transactional accounts through Investec and Nedbank on their Corporate Cash Manager and Corporate Saver platforms. Additionally, we provide support for foreign exchange payments and receipts to streamline financial operations.

Statutory Administration

PW Harvey & Co provides clients with statutory administration services, including company registration with CIPC, regular updates to the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), and the submission of annual returns and financial accountability supplements to CIPC. This ensures compliance and smooth corporate governance for our clients.


PW Harvey & Co assists clients with the administrative process of purchasing and registering motor vehicles. 

Property Facilitation

PW Harvey & Co can facilitate various aspects of Property Sales. We leverage support in a smooth and efficient process for our clients.

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