For over 120 years we have built relationships based on mutual respect and trust and this will not change. However the business environment will, and we are well positioned to provide an innovative perspective on a broad range of critical business issues, providing the same personalised service we would offer individual clients.

Business consulting comprises a variety of financial disciplines and can address accounting, taxation and statutory aspects of a transaction, or can encompass financial structuring such as estate and tax planning.

Business consulting is often required in the following circumstances :

When an individual decides to commence his own business

The following factors should be taken into account :

  • Will the business be run as a sole proprietorship, trading trust or as a company?
  • If a company is formed, consideration should be given as to who the shareholders will be. For example, it might be beneficial to have your family trust be a shareholder for estate and tax planning purposes
  • Salary structuring aspects
  • VAT/PAYE/WCA considerations
  • Does the company qualify as a Small Business Corporation?
  • Which expenses are deductible from a tax perspective?
  • How will funding be acquired?

Planning from a tax and estate duty perspective

Examples are:

  • Tax implications of loans to trusts (section 7C)
  • Distributions to beneficiaries from trusts
  • Salary structuring to maximise tax efficiency
  • Maximising tax deductions
  • Forming structures utilising companies and trusts

More complex consulting

  • Group structuring (such as asset for share transactions)
  • Tax opinions on complex tax issues
  • Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) applications
  • Structuring utilising offshore vehicles, e.g. offshore trusts

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