12th May 2020


In a recent article by Old Mutual Investment Group, they stated that inflation is still investors’ biggest enemy, as it erodes their spending power. Ronald Reagan once said: “Inflation is […]
7th Jan 2019

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

Customers can be confident they are dealing with firms where TCF is central to their corporate culture Products & services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to […]
7th Jan 2019

Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme (SVDP)

OPPORTUNITY TO DISCLOSE ASSETS ABROAD The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) was developed in response to the G20 request and approved by the OECD Council in July 2014. It calls on jurisdictions to obtain […]
7th Dec 2018

Procedure for winding up a deceased estate

Establish date of death. Lodge the following five documents with the relevant Master’s Office within a reasonable time in order to obtain a Letter of Executorship: Death notice Original will […]
7th Dec 2018

What is a living annuity & how does it work?

Simply put, a Living Annuity is where your income is generated from when you retire. You can retire at any stage from age 55 onwards. When you have the option […]
7th Dec 2018

Think twice before setting up a trust

YOU MAY NEED A TRUST IF : Your assets (including life policies) exceed R3.5m Your assets consist of capital appreciating items You have minor children You want to control how […]
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