Our unique approach to financial planning is centred on objective, individual advice and driven by trusted relationships. Understanding your situation and goals is fundamental to our advisory role.

It is all about a financial plan. It does not matter how much you have or don’t have, everyone needs a financial plan.

A financial plan must be revisited frequently, as things are constantly changing.

For us at PW Harvey & Co, we always say it is easy to get you to retirement, but it is hard to make sure that your financial plan lasts until death.

There are numerous boxes that need to be ticked off to make sure a solid financial plan is in place, and our job is to make sure that the financial consulting advice we give is tailor-made for every single client - one size does not fit all.

A starting point when doing financial consulting with our clients is to take care of the immediate needs, such as life cover, disability and dread disease cover. Secondly, making sure clients’ wills are up to date. We then look at medical aids and short-term insurance.

With the aim to have a bond free home and educated children, the next step would be to build up retirement assets, taking the effects of estate duty into consideration.
Retirement assets can be accumulated in both spouses’ names, thus taking advantage of various tax benefits, such as retirement annuity contributions, interest exemptions etc.

Part of PW Harvey & Co’s financial consulting, is to ensure that our clients are educated about their own financial plan and we encourage them to take ownership and responsibility going forward.

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