Medical Aid

PW Harvey & Co offers Medical Aid policies to support individuals and families in managing the financial burden of medical expenses. These policies encompass doctor consultations, hospital stays, prescribed medications, and a range of healthcare services, ensuring access to essential healthcare while protecting your financial well-being.

Medical aid policies are designed to help individuals and families cover the costs of medical treatment and care, including doctor’s visits, hospitalisation, prescription medication, and other healthcare services.

Hospital Plan

PW Harvey & Co offers Hospital Plan policies, which are specialized medical aid plans focused on covering hospitalization and associated medical costs. These plans provide individuals with cost-effective access to private healthcare services by covering expenses related to in-hospital treatment, ensuring financial support during hospital stays.

Comprehensive Medical Aid

A medical aid plan that provides cover for a wide range of healthcare services, including in-hospital treatment, outpatient consultations and procedures, chronic medication, and preventative care. It is designed to provide individuals with comprehensive healthcare coverage, ensuring that they have access to the medical services they need when they need them as well as providing additional benefits.

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