Retirement Planning

At PW Harvey & Co, our expert team will assess one’s current financial situation, determine the desired retirement lifestyle, estimating future expenses, and develop a savings and investment strategy to build the necessary funds needed for retirement.

Retirement planning is the process of identifying one’s financial and lifestyle goals for retirement and developing a plan to achieve them.

Retirement Annuities

PW Harvey & Co offers a retirement annuity as an investment product designed to help individuals plan for their retirement and enjoy financial security in their later years. This provides individuals with a tax-advantaged investment account to make regular contributions. These contributions are invested in a variety of options, helping you save for retirement outside of employer plans allowing you to take control of your future.

Pension/Provident Preservation Funds:

Let our team help you make use of preservation funds as a smart alternative to cashing out your retirement savings when you change jobs. By transferring your savings into well diversified preservation funds, you maintain the growth potential of your investments and enjoy tax advantages. This ensures your long-term financial security while keeping your savings accessible for when you need them in retirement.

Living & Life Annuities

PW Harvey & Co offers retirees a choice between living and life annuities. Living annuities provide flexibility with potential capital growth, but require active management. Life annuities offer fixed income for life but no legacy. Our experts assist you in deciding which option suits your financial goals and lifestyle. We consider your unique circumstances, making this significant retirement decision less stressful.

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