Risk management represents a collection of strategies and approaches to provide certainty of outcome in the event of death or disablement. We analyse risk from a wide perspective to ensure informed decisions are made.

Risk life cover

Insurance providing for the payment of a specified sum to a named beneficiary on the death of the policy holder.

Disability cover

Offers income protection to individuals who become disabled for a long period of time, and as a result can no longer work during that time period.

Dreaded disease cover

The insurer is contracted to typically make a lump sum cash payment if the policy holder is diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses on a predetermined list.

Income protection

An insurance policy paying benefits to policy holders who are incapacitated and hence unable to work due to illness or accident.

Commercial & personal insurance

Commercial insurance is property, liability and workers’ compensation. In general, property insurance covers damages to your business property; liability insurance covers damages to third parties; and workers’ compensation insurance covers on-the-job injuries to your employees.

Travel insurance

Insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within one’s own country.

Professional indemnity

It is designed to protect you against legal costs and claims for damages to third parties which may arise out of an act, omission or breach of professional duty in the course of your business.


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