Wealth Planning

At PW Harvey & Co, wealth planning is about utilising financial strategies and tools to create, preserve, and grow your wealth. We analyse your current financial status, set clear goals, and tailor strategies that encompass investments, taxes, and estate planning. This holistic approach ensures your financial well-being and legacy are secure.

Wealth planning is a comprehensive financial strategy that is designed to help individuals and families manage and grow their wealth over time.

Fixed term deposit and bonds

At PW Harvey & Co, we employ fixed-term deposits and bonds as part of our lower-risk savings solutions. By investing a lump sum for a specified term you are able to earn a guaranteed interest return while preserving your capital. These financial instruments offer secure ways to grow your savings.

Unit trusts

PW Harvey & Co utilises unit trusts to offer individuals a convenient and cost-effective way to invest. With unit trusts, individual investors contribute their funds, which are then pooled together into a diversified portfolio of assets, managed by experienced professionals. This approach minimises risk and provides the convenience of professional management, saving investors time and effort. Additionally, unit trusts are affordable and offer liquidity, making them accessible and flexible investment options for our clients.

Tax Free Investments

PW Harvey & Co utilises tax-free investments to help clients earn returns without tax implications. These investments are channelled into diversified portfolios through unit trusts, offering exposure to different asset classes at lower costs. This strategy optimises returns while minimising tax burdens and management fees while still investing in the market.


Our team make use of endowment policies to help individuals in higher tax brackets capitalise on tax benefits while simultaneously growing and diversifying their investments. Endowments provide tax advantages, encourage long-term growth, offer diversification, and come with professional management, making them a valuable financial tool for our clients.

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