NEWS YOU CAN USE – The Magnificent Seven Shaping Markets

The recent prominence of the Magnificent Seven index in dictating market movements highlights a significant trend. This year has seen a further consolidation of market leadership, with notable players such as Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Nvidia taking center stage. Dubbed the ‘Fab-4,’ these entities have collectively driven nearly 75% of the S&P 500’s total return. […]

IN OTHER NEWS – Unlocking Currency Value: The Big Mac Index Perspective

The Big Mac Index serves as an informal method to gauge the purchasing power parity (PPP) of different currencies by comparing the prices of Big Mac hamburgers across various countries. This index suggests that exchange rates should ideally reflect the relative prices of identical goods in different nations. For instance, in South Africa, a Big […]

Insights from Industry Experts: Navigating Market Trends and Building Financial Resilience

We hosted a wonderful breakfast with Johan Els (Group Chief Economist Old Mutual Ltd) and Andrew Dittbemer (Chief Investment Officer) from Old Mutual. This is what they had to say. Johan Els (Group Chief Economist Old Mutual Ltd) Andrew Dittbemer (Chief Investment Officer) We recently hosted an exclusive client breakfast featuring two esteemed guest speakers: […]

The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands

The world’s top 100 brands together are worth over $5 trillion, showing how important brands are for businesses. However, determining the exact value of a brand can be tricky. While investing in a brand can be profitable for years, it’s hard to measure these benefits in financial terms, so most financial regulators don’t include brand […]

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