Short-term Insurance

PW Harvey & Co offers essential short-term insurance solutions that are a crucial component of any financial plan. Short-term insurance protects against loss or damage to personal property within a specific timeframe. We provide comprehensive coverage for domestic clients, safeguarding assets like homes, cars, and contents, as well as catering to the needs of smaller commercial clients.

Short-term insurance is a crucial component of any financial plan, offering protection against loss or damage to private property over a defined period. It safeguards your assets, such as homes, cars, and belongings, providing financial security during unexpected events like accidents, theft, or natural disasters.

Vehicle Cover

PW Harvey & Co offers insurance coverage that safeguards against financial loss resulting from vehicle damages, theft, or accidents. Our policies not only protect the vehicle but also provide coverage for injuries or damages caused by the insured driver. We provide comprehensive protection, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

Household Contents Cover

Home insurance from PW Harvey & Co offers vital financial protection for personal belongings in case of theft, fire, natural disasters, and unexpected events. It provides peace of mind by covering the costs of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen items, ensuring homeowners or renters are financially secure.

Building Cover

Building cover from PW Harvey & Co safeguards property owners against damage to the physical structure, whether it’s a house or apartment building. This insurance offers financial protection in cases of fire, natural disasters, or theft, ensuring peace of mind. It covers the costs of repairs or rebuilding in the event of damage or loss, providing security for property owners.

All Risk Cover

PW Harvey & Co offers All Risk cover, which protects specified personal belongings like jewellery, electronics, or artwork from loss or damage, whether inside or outside the home. This insurance provides comprehensive financial protection for your valuable items.

Personal Liability Cover

PW Harvey & Co’s Personal liability cover offers essential protection for individuals by covering the financial consequences if they are held legally responsible for causing injury or damage to others or their property. This insurance covers legal expenses, settlements, and awarded damages, ensuring financial security in such situations.

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