PW Harvey & Co gladly assist a number of charitable organisations in the greater Nelson Mandela Metropolitan area. By supporting these organisations that make a difference in the community, we believe that we can make a difference in giving back to society.

Animal Welfare Society PE was founded in 1971 as a result of the difficulty that the municipality in Port Elizabeth was experiencing in coping adequately with the number of stray animals and cruelty cases in the city.

Their catteries and kennels house stray and surrendered pets who are available for adoption. They accept all animals brought to them, and run a 24-hour service to deal with the many cases of cruelty and neglect which are reported to them. Their animal crematorium is a much needed facility in the city and directly benefits the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in terms of reducing landfill costs.

Their staff complement of 35 staff members, including two full-time inspectors as well as a qualified veterinarian and we are privileged to enjoy the help of many volunteers.

We support them without a doubt, as they help those, who can't help themselves.

Cheshire Homes EC provide support services in partnership with persons with disabilities, which empower service users and enhance their quality of life. It's a society for all, where people with physical disabilities have equal opportunities, free of discrimination and prejudice.

Their goals are as follow:
• To promote residential care for profoundly disabled persons
• To promote disabled persons' self development and self reliance
• To operate day care education centres for disabled children
• To promote the provision of independent assisted living units
• To ensure self representation of persons with disabilities in all
• Cheshire Homes' decisions that impact on their lives

We are fortunate to help out and be part of assisting those with disabilities.
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