Navigating Today’s Insurance Landscape: Strategies for Clients

Navigating Today’s Insurance Landscape: Strategies for Clients As we progress through 2024, the insurance industry is navigating a landscape shaped by several pivotal factors, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for both insurers and their clients. Climate Change and Its Impacts One of the foremost challenges facing insurers is the escalating impact of climate change. […]

Challenges faced by South African Taxpayers with SARS’ updated eFiling Security Protocols

Challenges faced by South African Taxpayers with SARS’ updated eFiling Security Protocols The South African Revenue Service (SARS) recently altered its protocols, significantly impacting taxpayers and tax practitioners. Previously, tax practitioners could update a taxpayer’s identification and eFiling security details under exceptional circumstances. Now, SARS mandates that taxpayers themselves must validate their eFiling profiles, even […]

From Batteries to Green Tech Powerhouse

 BYD, founded in February 1995 by Wang Chuanfu, initially focused on rechargeable nickel–cadmium (NiCd) batteries. However, their journey has taken them far beyond batteries. BYD is now the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. Their Han sedan competes directly with Tesla’s Model 3, offering affordability and impressive performance. Beyond EVs, BYD has diversified into other […]

News You Can Use: What is an IT88?

TAX BITES – Understanding the IT88 Many South African taxpayers find themselves facing administrative penalties from the South African Revenue Service (SARS) due to failure to submit their personal income tax returns. When taxpayers ignore notices or demands regarding these penalties, SARS can take action under Section 179(1) of the Tax Administration Act, No.28 of […]

The Grandfather Clause & Regulations 28

What is Regulation 28? Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act aims to reduce excessive risk on investor’s pre-retirement savings by limiting the exposure to certain asset classes. The main purpose is to ensure that member’s retirement savings provide them with sufficient income in retirement and do not face a high risk of large losses […]

Warning signs from SARS

SARS continues to warn taxpayers that they are targeting non-compliant taxpayers, and their information-gathering tools become stronger and stronger each tax period. SARS has recently made headlines with unexpected developments in its crackdown efforts.  Some recent headlines:  “SARS collects an unexpected extra R10bn” “As SARS crackdowns intensify, SA’s tax take surprises on the upside” “SARS […]

What is a Financial Index?

Financial indexes play a crucial role in the world of investing and finance. A financial index is a measure of the performance of a group of assets, providing a snapshot of market performance, investor sentiment, and economic conditions. It serves as a benchmark for evaluating investment performance and informing policymaking. Investors cannot directly invest in […]

NEWS YOU CAN USE – The best way to Invest: Monthly or Lump Sum?

Monthly or Lumpsum The debate over whether to Invest monthly increments or lumpsum top-ups into your investment has long been contentious. To gain a clearer understanding of these options, it’s essential to outline the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy: LUMP SUM INVESTMENT MONTHLY DEBIT ORDER Advantages: Investing a significant sum at once enables immediate […]

IN OTHER NEWS – Common Retirement Mistakes

Common retirement mistakes include failing to start saving early enough, underestimating life expectancy and healthcare costs, neglecting to diversify investments, withdrawing retirement savings too early or too quickly, and not having a comprehensive retirement plan in place. Additionally, some individuals overlook the impact of inflation on their retirement savings, or they may delay seeking professional […]

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